What qualities these entrepreneurs have in common?


In his youth, and without having completed their primary, Julian Karam was a carpenter until register Karam Manufacturing Company, which would become Furniture La Liberal, and then open branches throughout the country. The management of his business and the audacity of his decisions led him to venture into the field of construction. Karam completed in 1951 the replica of one of the skyscrapers of Rockefeller Center, placed it in Urdaneta Avenue. He continued acquiring land in Caracas in which developments would be El Bosque, El Rosal and Las Mercedes Father and son bought a batch of 5 thousand square meters in La Floresta where construction began in 1967, the first private hospital in the city, the investment were 4.3 billion bolivars (1 million dollars of the time) .

For the work contracted for signature architects of American Beckhoff, a specialist in hospital construction To complete the work, Julian Karam had to sell different properties and mortgaged the building Karam. At that time the biggest investment the family was concentrated in a hospital with 50 rooms, 54 beds, 5 operating rooms, an intensive care unit and 70 clinics. The project involved several colleagues of Karam Isaac (first urologist in the country), as Carlos Rivas Larrazábal, Carlos Sucre Vegas, Antonio Clemente, Luis Anderson, Jose Antonio Morreo, among others, who had specialized in surgery, oncology, orthopedics and radiotherapy .

Karam Isaac acknowledges that "the opening of this hospital stimulated investment in the sector, since the mid-70's were built La Clinica Metropolitana, El Hospital de Clinicas Caracas, El Centro Medico was reformed and La Clinica Avila modernized its facilities”, he said. Source: De Padres Inmigrantes. Carolina Guevara Marin.




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