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Degree in “Administración de Empresas” (Business Administration) from Andrés Bello Catholic University of Caracas in 1986. Broker Dealer and Investment Advisor since 1991, duly authorized by the Venezuelan “Comisión Nacional de Valores” (equivalent to the Securities and Exchange Commission).

For the last 22 years Benshimol has been involved in financial activities, with a vast experience in the design of highly sophisticated financial instruments for both local and international markets.

He has been partner in several financial institutions and brokerage houses like “Intervalores” Casa de Bolsa, “La Primera” Casa de Bolsa, and Bencorp Casa de Bolsa, originally Heptagon Casa de Bolsa (1996), then Patagon.com Casa de Bolsa, then Lemon Casa de Bolsa, acquiring its present name, Bencorp casa de Bolsa, in April 2003, year in which Benshimol became the mayor stockholder of Bencorp.

He owns a mayor interest in Almiron Services Inc, a Fiduciary Institution incorporated in Panamá, duly authorized by the Government Superintendencia de Bancos de Panama.

He has been actively present in the Venezuelan Associations of Broker Dealers, the Venezuelan Association of Brokerage Houses, and at the present is a member of the board of the Caracas Stock Exchange.

In another field, he belongs to the Committee Of Acquisitions of Latin-American Art of TATE GALLERY


Luis Benshimol. Webpage: http://www.luisbenshimol.com/



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