What qualities these entrepreneurs have in common?


Born in 1965 in Caracas. He graduated on Industrial Engineering at University of Fordham in New York. He is married to his cousin, Maria Alexandra Pulido, with whom he has six children: Alejandra, Lorenzo, Ana Mercedes, Cristóbal, Santiago y Sofía.

Lorenzo is very keen on sports: he likes snow and water skiing, baseball, running and tennis. Besides, he is a very enthusiastic reader of Ibero-american contemporary history. However, he is not very fond of fame –as one may imagine- despite being in the 115th place among the Forbes’ list of the wealthiest people in the world.

He leads the third generation of authentic enterprising businesspeople who love “working under pressure”, know how to work as a team and value their people. The grandfather of the family, Mendoza Fleury started in the soap business and moved to the beer line putting together the Polar Empire, well-known by its white polar bear logo.

Mendoza’s fortune is calculated in around 4,500 million of dollars. When he was only a teenager he used to download the trucks of the company or the flour sacks in the factory. At the same time he was learning the very basis of the business that soon would be his. Not in vain his father was a specialist in psychiatry from the University of Madrid and he clearly knew how difficult it was to educate a wealthy kid. To keep him away from reckless nonsense he had Lorenzo put his feet on the ground soon, something that he would thank him greatly because he shortly had to put in practice what he had learned. When he was still studying his career in New York, he received the news that his father had suddenly died at 55 so his mother, Leonor Giménez de Mendoza took over the Polar Foundation for the following five years.

At present, Lorenzo Mendoza is only 39 years old and is the president of Polar Enterprises, the biggest company of food and drinks in Venezuela. As General Manager he controls an empire of around 40 companies with about 17,000 employees that produce a huge range of food products –some of them leading the market- like pasta, rice, corn oil, ice-cream, wine, mineral water, soft-drinks, candy and all kind of snacks.

The conglomerate of enterprises produces the 4% of the Venezuelan Gross Domestic Product, excluding petroleum, and the brewery division is the 14th place in the world. Under his management Polar Enterprises has taken big steps towards out-of-the-traditional path. The group has invested in the stock, hypermarkets, petrochemicals and petroleum. Therefore, according to this young businessman, “the idea is investing the excess capital in areas that represent the comparative advantages in the Venezuelan market.”

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